Overview and Target Audience

Bariatric nutrition is highly relevant in the life of every patient. However, the field is littered with misconceptions that can negatively impact the health and success of patients. This course is designed with the bariatric dietitian in mind but all health care professionals will benefit from an update on the latest evidence-based guidelines in bariatric nutrition. From pre-op to post-op, best practices will be provided to support optimal nutrition care in the inpatient and outpatient settings.

Learning Objectives

  1. Perform nutrition-focused physical exam on people who have had bariatric surgery
  2. List two opportunities to use the MBSAQIP database to demonstrate value-based outcomes
  3. Explain the role of nutrition interventions in enhanced recovery around bariatric surgery (ERABS) protocols
  4. Develop evidence-based pre-op and post-op diet protocols
  5. Assess a post-op patient for the use of nutrition support

Topic: How to Assess Nutrition's Impact on Pre-Op and Post-Op Outcomes
8:00am Intro and Housekeeping - person-first language reminder
8:05am Nutrition-Focused Physical Assessment: Implementation to Reimbursement
8:40am Leveraging the MBSAQIP Database for Value-Based Outcomes
9:00am Nutrition Components of ERAS
9:30am Break
Topic: Evidenced-Based Nutrition Pathways for Bariatric Patients
10:00am Pre-op and Post-op Diet Pathways - Results from Peer Polling and Best Practices
10:45am Post-op Nutrition Support: Navigating Tube Feeds and TPN
11:20am Communicating Complicated Topics to Patients
11:55am Wrap-up
12:00pm Adjourn