Learning Objectives and Speakers Coming Soon!!

1:30pm Welcome
1:35pm DSM 5 Lifetime Psychiatric Diagnosis in 2 Bariatric Surgery Sites
1:55pm Validation of the Yale Food Addiction Scale 2.0 in Bariatric Surgery-Seeking Patients
2:15pm Project HELP: A Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effect of a Remotely-Delivered Acceptance-Based Behavioral Intervention for Reducing Postoperative Weight Regain
2:35pm Neuroimaging Lessons in Bariatric Surgery
2:55pm Is initial psychological clearance status related to weight loss outcomes in patients seeking bariatric surgery?
3:10pm Closing (Q&A)
3:15pm Break
3:45pm Welcome
3:50pm Behavioral and Psychosocial Predictors of Adherence to Dietary Recommendations One-year post-bariatric Surgery
4:05pm Psychotropic medication use and weight outcomes 1-year post bariatric surgery
4:20pm Keynote: Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery - How to Measure, Monitor, and Minimize
5:20pm Closing (Q&A)
5:30pm Adjourn