How Will My Personal Data Be Used?

ObesityWeek LLC respects the privacy of our attendees and does the utmost to protect personal data. All credit card transactions are encrypted through and registration data is stored on the Cvent system, both of which are compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With your expressed permission, ObesityWeek, TOS, ASMBS, and their partners may send you messages related to this and future conferences. Should you later change your mind about receiving these messages, all messages will include an opt-out link for ease of unsubscribing, or you may contact to update your subscriptions. To comply with GDPR, all European Union contact information will be stripped from exhibitor and sponsor partner lists. Any attendee who allows an exhibitor to scan his or her badge will be consenting to the transfer of their personal information to the exhibitor.

Demographic information requested during the registration process is entirely optional. It will be used for statistical analysis of the conference. If at any time you wish to remove your responses, you may do so by contacting

ObesityWeek does not use third party cookies on

Contact information and financial transaction records will be retained for at least 2 years for audit purposes. Please contact if you have privacy concerns related to the storing of this information.

Additionally, email addresses and names will be shared with our CME and mobile app vendors to allow CME certificate processing and to allow the evaluation function on the app to function properly. Signing into the app and building a profile will also allow you to use full app functionality, including saving session preferences and linking to attendees and speakers through social media. Individual CME claims data must be retained for a minimum of 6 years per ACCME requirements. If you have privacy concerns and wish to forego these services, please contact to be erased from those systems.

Names and email addresses of registrants will be shared with contracted hotels for the purpose of room list auditing. These names and email addresses will only be used for audit purposes and will be discarded immediately after the audit is complete. Please contact if you have privacy concerns related to room audit.

Speaker names, images, and affiliations will be published on the ObesityWeek website and mobile app. Speaker data will be stored in the Planstone speaker management system and will be transmitted to the Freeman Presentation Management system for purposes of slide submission. The Freeman Presentation Management System data is purged from their systems within 60 days of the conclusion of the conference. Please contact TOS or ASMBS speaker management if you have privacy concerns.

ObesityWeek has contracted a photographer to document the conference and all attendees are allowed to download photos at no charge. You may be featured in photos posted to social media in addition to future marketing campaigns. If you see the photographer taking a photo of you and do not wish to be in it, please tell the photographer immediately and he will erase the image. Discretion is used when selecting photos for promotional purposes, but if you have concerns, please contact us at

Beware of fake websites that are not affiliated with ASMBS, TOS or ObesityWeek. In order to attend ObesityWeek and secure housing, you must register through ObesityWeek will only ask for your credit card information upon the completion of registration and housing.